Everycare 7300 Massage Chair

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The Everycare 7300 massage chair is marked by best-in-class massage technology and an ultra-sleek design.


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Excellence in Massage Chair Technology

The Everycare 7300 is the newest creation in our line of massage chairs. With a nod to innovation, this model was developed to bring the latest massage technology straight to your home.

Settle in and feel yourself cocooned in a plush beige fabric. A full-body scan will detect your stress points with precision before a 3D massage mechanism begins your luxurious full-body massage. Airbags that mimic the touch of human hands will cushion your shoulders, hands, thighs, knees, and calves, stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system to lower blood pressure, induce relaxation, and enhance recovery. With a single touch, feel yourself recline into zero-gravity. Use the touchscreen display remote to create a user profile, choose your favorite massage, and Bluetooth connect to music. Every function and feature of this model was thoughtfully brought together for your physical, mental, and emotional rejuvenation—our latest step in at-home massage therapy for our modern-day lifestyles.
  • Full body scan & 3D massage technology
  • Hand-mimicking airbags for shoulder, hands, thighs, knees, and calves
  • One-touch zero-gravity function
  • Touchscreen display remote with Bluetooth
  • Our most comprehensive, luxurious massage experience


– ADVANCED AUTO BODY SCAN: the chair performs a Body Scan before beginning any massage functions. Always keep your head rested and your hips seated to allow the most precise scanning
– SD MASSAGE: thick, super dimensional massage rollers that cover a wide range of motion to provide a fuller massage experience.
– FEET SENSORS: adjust the leg extension to your comfort preference by pressing the heel of your feet.
An animation that shows the Everycare auto body scan feature


S & L track infused engineering allows the massage rollers to follow the curves of your back and provide extensive massages from the neck, shoulder, back, lower back region and down to your glutes.
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Airbags inflate and deflate in the shoulders, hands, hips, waist, knees and feet.
An animation that shows the Everycare 7300 with the heating option activated


Activate the Heating function in addition your massage experience
An icon that represents the Touchscreen display

Tablet Controller

touchscreen tablet controller to easily access the massage programs

An icon that represents the compact in size feature

Adjustable Seating

customize your seating and leg position and even extend

An icon that represents the remote controller

Quick Access Control

Built in button panel on the right side for you to adjust your massage experience - intensity, heat, seat adjustment.


An Image that shows the Everycare 7300 Front
An icon that represents the language feature


Choose from English & Korean language

An icon that represents the massage by position feature

Massage by Position

Pre programmed massage modes to target specific parts of your body

An icon that represents the manual mode feature

Manual Mode

want to massage certain areas of your body? customize and target specific areas in the Manual Mode

Everycare Massage Chair message
An icon that represents the auto mode feature

24 Auto Massage Programs

Enjoy from wide range of pre programmed Auto Modes. Ex: Stretch, Night Mode, Soothe, etc.

An icon that represents the bluetooth feature

Quick Access

enjoy your favorite music and podcasts to enhance your massage experience

An icon that represents the timer feature


Choose from 5 - 30 minute massage intervals


the massage chair reclines back to the Zero Gravity position, making you feel weightless and deeply relaxed

An Image that shows the Everycare 7300 doing the zero gravity

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