EVERYCARE Diamante Massage Chair


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The newest Massage Chair addition into our collection, EVERYCARE Diamante is a luxuriously designed and powerful all around robotic massage chair. With a diverse option of massage options and intensity adjustments, the Diamante massage chair provides a truly detailed and intelligent massage experience. Embedded with 5 different languages, the Diamante is made simple and very user family so everyone in the household can share this experience. Take a seat and enjoy a humanlike massage session in the comfort of your home. Experience Diamante.


– ADVANCED AUTO BODY SCAN: the chair performs a Body Scan before beginning any massage functions. Always keep your head rested and your hips seated to allow the most precise scanning
An animation that shows the Everycare auto body scan feature
Everycare Diamante S&L track


S & L track infused engineering allows the massage rollers to follow the curves of your back and provide extensive massages from the neck, shoulder, back, lower back region and down to your glutes.
Everycare Diamante airbags


Airbags inflate and deflate in the shoulders, hands, hips, waist, knees and feet.
Everycare Diamante heating


Activate the Heating function in addition your massage experience
An icon that represents the auto mode feature

Auto Programs

6 built in auto programs

An icon that represents the manual mode feature

Manual Mode

select massage areas and add your favorite massage techniques. Full body massages Upper body Lower body

An icon that represents the language feature

Multiple Language options

English, Korean, Chinese, Japanese


Everycare Diamante front
An icon that represents the foot rollers feature

Open Feet Access

Designed for easier access into the massage chair

An icon that represents the bluetooth feature


Pre programmed massage modes to target specific parts of your body

An icon that represents the Touchscreen display

Touchscreen display

touchscreen tablet controller to easily access the massage programs

Everycare Massage Chair message
An icon that represents the timer feature


Choose from 5 - 30 minute massage intervals

An icon that represents the massage by position feature

Quick Access

Pre programmed massage modes to target specific parts of your body

An icon that represents the intensity adjustment feature

Intensity Adjustment

Adjust the massage intensity


the massage chair reclines back to the Zero Gravity position, making you feel weightless and deeply relaxed

Everycare dDiamante Zero gravity

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